NetApp Unified Storage Architecture—a single platform for diverse applications and workloads gives customers a highly flexible and efficient infrastructure. Integrated data protection supports nonstop availability of data for business application, virtualized, and cloud environments. NetApp storage platforms are extremely flexible in terms of performance, capacity and expandability.


Storage utilization and optimization can be improved with NetApp, customers can storage more data with fewer systems, use less space and powerand lower operational costs.

NetApp FAS6200 Series

Harness the power of our FAS6200 series’ scalability, availability, and flexibility for your most demanding application needs and rely on it for your ever-changing virtualized and cloud environments.

  • Ready for your demanding business and technical applications with 1TB of Flash Cache in base systems and scalability to over 4PB of storage capacity
  • Performance and scale for your virtualized, cloud, and technical computing challenges
  • Availability and proven NetApp® reliability for your mission-critical applications
  • Flexibly expand with adaptable storage for your evolving data center
  • Built on the NetApp unified storage architecture with leading storage efficiencies

NetApp FAS3200 Series

Get great value and advanced efficiency in a midrange storage system. The FAS3200 series can handle today’s diverse, virtualized workloads and easily respond to future expansion.

  • Get unmatched value and efficiency with the FAS3200 series.
  • Increased connectivity with more built-in slots to adapt to growing, diverse workloads.
  • Experience faster performance and get more bandwidth - with proven NetApp availability.

NetApp FAS2200 Series

With its new product lineup, the NetApp FAS2200 Series provides more powerful, affordable, and flexible storage solutions for midsized businesses and distributed enterprise environments.

  • The new FAS2220 and FAS2240 provide more powerful systems that can fit any budget
  • NetApp Virtual Storage Tiering increases performance and efficiency
  • Ability to free up resources, time, and money
  • Flexibility to adapt to your growing business needs
  • Focus on your business, not the technology


NetApp V-Series Open Storage Controllers

Expand your storage capabilities and increase your flexibility with NetApp V-Series while preserving investments in storage systems from major storage vendors.

  • Build on your current storage investments and expand your capabilities with V-Series.
  • Reduce spending for disk drives with deduplication and other storage efficiency features.
  • Improve data protection with better backup and recovery as well as affordable, effective disaster recovery.
  • Increase your flexibility with native support for SAN and NAS protocols.